AceCamp Traveller’s Water Bottle

Flip top, spill free spout bottle!


You’ll pack a lot of hydration into this lightweight water bottle which is ideal for travelling as the flip-top bite valve keeps water in the bottle instead of all over you or your car.

The material is heat-resistant, odorless, BPA-free durable plastic, and the handle is looped so you can hook it with your finger or a carabiner. 

In 2 useful sizes, 350ml or 600ml and 3 great colours.


  • The Ace Camp water bottles have a flip-up bite Valve to keep from spilling.
  • The bottle material is heat-resistant, odourless, BPA-free durable plastic.
  • The base is the perfect size to fit in most cup holders, and it is reusable and recyclable, making it a double bonus for the environment.
  • The loop handle makes for easy carrying and carabiner hooking